Angel Darling-Eller LSW

Contact information will be added soon. 

Angel is a Founding Member at Thrive. 

She is a licensed social worker and is currently seeing clients. Angel focuses on “helping people develop healthy relationships with themselves and others, to help empower them and to help them identify toxic and abusive relationships.” She hopes to be able to help guide clients to a healthy way of living and self-care. As a therapist, Angel enjoys “being a part of people’s journey to grow and heal.”

In joining Thrive, Angel is looking forward to building the community by strengthening relationships with other members and learning from each other while she is pursuing her own private practice. Once established, Angel also hopes to facilitate groups.

“I hope to be able to use what I’ve learned to support and guide others, and to be a peaceful and positive person in other people’s lives, softening the difficulties and struggles we experience in life.”