Dr. Penelope Orr LPC, NCC, ATR-BC, ATCS

Contact Dr. Penny Orr directly for an appointment,
training or supervision.

Dr. Orr has an online practice where she enjoys working with children and adults. Her specialty areas are transgender youth and families, support for persons going through cancer treatment and women going through divorce, as well as children and teens with anxiety.

“I love making connections with people, helping them to value themselves, trust themselves and gain confidence. I work to build self-actualization, self-compassion, and self-esteem. I understand trauma and the damage that people experience in life, but believe that we are like Kintsukuroi bowls ‘We are beautiful even though we may be broken.'”

Dr. Orr is excited to be at Thrive for the support, knowledge, community and connections. 

She also offers supervision for ATR and LPC. Please contact her directly for more information.