Megan Morrow

Megan is a Founding Member at Thrive. She joined for the opportunity to connect with people doing what she hopes to be doing in the future.
Megan has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and worked as a Prevention Education Specialist at the Crime Victim Center of Erie County for nearly 6 years. Her job was spreading awareness and providing education programs on a variety of topics related to crime and victimization to schools, organizations and working professionals. 
Currently, Megan is the Outreach Facilitator for White Pine Center for Healing. Her role is primarily to provide the community with awareness and education programming about eating disorders, as well as promote the development of positive body image in youth throughout Erie County. This includes forming connections with local community organizations and leaders to share information about White Pine’s clinical services and prevention efforts. Megan works closely with both the Executive Director and Director of Operations to increase the public’s awareness of White Pine throughout our region.
As she continues to gain real-world experience through her work, Megan is in the process of earning her Master’s degree and completing the required supervision hours to eventually become an LPC. 
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