Now offering your first month of membership FREE when you sign a 6-month contract* before August 31st 2020!

Feeling isolated and unsupported at your practice?

Join Thrive and join our community. You can participate a lot or a little, but we know you’ll enjoy using the Gathering Space—it’s where you’ll cross paths with other therapists discussing a difficult case, working on notes or just drinking coffee.

Feeling burdened by the responsibilities of running your own practice?

Thrive offers a great venue that’s ready to go. Five nicely furnished offices, a waiting room that’s warm and comfortable, printers, books, phone chargers and more. All you need to do is show up!

Starting a private practice but not sure where to begin?

Joining Thrive is a perfect first step—it gives you space to work while you focus on paneling, offers a great network of practicing therapists, and has a built-in referral network.

Schedule a tour now to meet our Founder and learn more about what Thrive can offer you!

*This offer is available for Partner memberships, which start at just $250/month, and include access to all 5 therapy offices, printing services, weekly peer supervision, discounted CE/CEUs and more. Learn more about our pricing!

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