Welcome to Thrive!

Thrive is a co-working space for mental health professionals. Co-working spaces are all about building community and sharing space, so here’s how the idea works for therapists: We have 5 therapy offices, a group room, and the Gathering Space (our community room). 

The HEART of the co-working space is the Gathering Space – a great environment just for therapists – couches, chairs, desks and natural light. Here, therapists will work on their therapy notes, consult with and learn from each other, create moments of support and connection. This room will be available both to the therapists who use the therapy offices and to therapists from the community, those who practice elsewhere! They will be drawn here to be a part of this community–the support, the connection, as well as to the classes, events, and discussion groups. 

Therapists can see clients in one of the therapy offices a couple hours a week up to 20+ hours a week, allowing them to have a flexible private practice without the hassle of setting up their own, and without the isolation therapists often feel. Thrive is a place for connection and support, a place where therapists can thrive. 

"Thriving therapists help their clients to thrive, and thriving individuals help their community to thrive."

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Looking for a therapist to see or refer to?

All our therapists are highly qualified individuals and most are currently accepting new clients!
Please contact the therapist directly, as Thrive does not book on behalf of therapists. 

Our Mission

Why we do what we do!

Our mission is to:
– Create a supportive and nurturing environment in which local therapists can heal, grow, and thrive
– Enrich the mental health of the Erie community
– Have fun together
– Facilitate therapists’ entry into private practice
– Promote and support professional growth
– Promote and support self care and healthy boundaries
– Collaborate in solving local problems
– Be respected by the individuals, companies and organizations in our region

Our Values

What we aspire to each day!

We are:
– supportive and positive
– safe and non judgmental
– emotionally healthy
– mindful

We strive to:
– learn from each other
– act with respect, integrity, and honesty
– create moments of connection, fun, and collaboration
heal, grow, and thrive

Interested in the Communtiy?

Our BASIC membership levels allow you to join the Thrive community and access our Gathering Space where you can meet other therapists, work on notes, and participate in continued learning opportunities.

Interested in Office Use?

Our PARTNER membership levels offer you access to a private office space to see clients, in addition to the Thrive community, the Gathering Space, supportive coworkers and continued learning opportunities. 

Book a Tour

Come see what Thrive is all about and get a feel for how you can be a part of our community!

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Want to check us out?

Visit Thrive on a Day Pass for $15! 
You will receive a tour of Thrive, access to the Gathering space, AND an awesome spot to work for the day, meet amazing people and be a part of our community!

Email us at ThriveTherapySpace@gmail.com to set up your Day Pass!