Shared space
to help your private
practice thrive

Thrive is a coworking space for health
& wellness providers. We have offices
and a gathering space available to fit the
needs of any small private practice.

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Most providers are currently accepting new clients and are eager to help you heal, grow, and thrive!

A coworking space with a table, vase of flowers and chairs

At the heart
of Thrive is the
Gathering Space.

The Gathering Space is a great environment
just for therapists and wellness providers, with couches, desks, chairs and natural light – a place to come and connect with others in your field.

Welcome to Thrive

A message from our Founder, Penny Mechley-Porter, on why and how she came up with the starting concept behind Thrive!

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Featured Provider

Sarah Clark


Sarah is a massage therapist who has been a member of Thrive since 2022. She received her massage therapy license in 2019 after studying at Great Lakes Institute of Technology. She speaks very highly of the school and the knowledge she gained there.
Before entering the world of massage therapy professionally, Sarah worked in sales for a decade. The work was high pressure and competitive…
Sarah Clark

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With our Day Pass, you will receive a tour of Thrive, access to the Gathering Space, AND
an awesome spot to work, meet amazing people and be a part of our community.