Shared therapy space
to help your private
practice thrive

Thrive is a coworking space for mental
health professionals. We have the office
and gathering space available to fit the
needs of any small private practice.

At the heart
of Thrive is the
Gathering Space.

The Gathering Space is a great environment
just for therapists with couches, desks, chairs
and natural light – a place to come and
connect with others in your field.

Welcome to Thrive

A message from our Founder, Penny Mechley-Porter, on why and how she came up with the starting concept behind Thrive!

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upcoming events
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There is always something going on at
Thrive, whether it is in-person or virtual.
We would love if you would join us!
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NEW Therapist

Scott M. Boyd


Scott works with those experiencing anxiety, depression, and trauma and specializes in the use of Eye Movement Integration (EMI).

Visit Thrive Therapy Space

With our Day Pass,you will receive a tour of Thrive, access to the Gathering Space, AND
an awesome spot to work, meet amazing people and be a part of our community.