Launch Your Private Practice

Are you feeling  overwhelmed about getting started?

You’ve come to the right place!  Launching a private practice is scary, even for the most qualified mental health practitioner. That’s why we created this 6-week program to guide you along the way.

Did You Know?

Local therapists are reimbursed about $100 per session. Seeing just 3 clients per week provides you with a gross monthly income of $1,200. Just 10 clients per week provides a gross monthly income of $4,000.

Your Earning Potential

Our Launch Your Private Practice Program

During the program, we walk you through all the steps of setting up your private practice, including:

  • Naming Your Business
  • Deciding on Structure & TaxID
  • Getting Malpractice/Liability Insurance
  • Marketing Yourself! 
  • Getting Paneled with Insurance Companies 
  • Completing CAQH, the credentialing database
  • Evaluating Electronic Medical Record & Billing Platforms

Concerns About the Program?

Will this program be worth it?

Our past participants say yes! You’ll earn back the price of the course in fewer than 5 sessions in your new practice.

What makes this program better than others? 
Our program is live, not recorded. Get immediate answers to all your questions. Each week an experienced private practice clinician joins us to share their expertise on topics such as billing, developing a specialty, and attracting clients.

Will I be successful in private practice? 
Yes! We help you recognize your strengths and give you tools to approach your challenges. 

Headshot of Penny Mechley-Porter

Penny Mechley-Porter, Thrive’s founder, has been in private practice for over 10 years and has helped many therapists.

  We’ll help you:
  1. Build a strong foundation for your business
  2. Move forward with confidence
  3. Accomplish the many tasks of launching your private practice
  4. Create a community of peers & mentors

Still Not Convinced?

Hear what past participants of the Launch Your Private Practice Program have to say about their success!

Want to Learn More?

Visit our “10 Things you’ll Accomplish” and “5 Big Benefits of our Program” blog posts. They describe some of the things we cover in the Launch Your Private Practice Course.

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