Thrive’s coworking environment supports therapists and other mental health professionals
with shared office space, resources, and a supportive community.

Our Space

Mental health professionals thrive in our coworking space.
Therapists, counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, and more thrive in the warm furnishings and calm atmosphere of the five private office spaces, group room, client waiting room, Gathering Space (community room), and administrative workspaces.

Therapy Offices

Thrive members enjoy the freedom of scheduling.
Therapists can schedule as much or as little time as they need with their clients in our therapy offices. Whether it’s an hour or two, or twenty or more, your time at Thrive will inspire you and those you help through collaboration and support.

The Gathering Space

Connect with the community at Thrive Therapy Space.
Connect with the community and support like-minded professionals in our Gathering Space.
Therapists and clients thrive in our warm, inviting environment. It’s the heart of the Thrive coworking environment.

“Thriving therapists help their clients to thrive, and thriving individuals help their community to thrive.”

Penny Mechley-Porter


Our Mission

Why we do what we do!

We create a supportive, nurturing coworking environment where therapists in Erie and neighboring communities can heal, grow, and thrive.

Our highly-trained, experienced members enrich the Erie region’s mental health through collaboration and passion for helping others. That’s why Thrive’s community of therapists has come to be so well respected by Erie’s individuals, companies, and organizations. We come together to brainstorm solutions to local problems and encourage self-care and healthy boundaries.

Thrive’s unique co-working environment promotes professional growth, as more experienced members facilitate newer members’ entry into private practice – all while having fun together!

Our Values

What we aspire to each day!

As a supportive, positive coworking community, Thrive Therapy Space always remains safe and non-judgmental. Mindful in our ways, we maintain emotional health and work toward growth.

With mutual respect, integrity, and honesty, our members want to learn from each other and support others and see them thrive. We create organic moments of connection, fun, and collaboration.

We strive to heal, grow, and thrive.

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