March 2, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Join Chief Clinical Officer, Bob Cuyler as he presents “Freespira- a breakthrough treatment for panic attacks, panic disorder, and PTSD.”Freespira is an FDA-cleared digital therapeutic that significantly reduces or eliminates symptoms of panic attacks and PTSD https://freespira.com. Freespira is based on a body of research that shows a link between PTSD and respiratory dysfunction.
Using the Freespira sensor and the accompanying app, patients train their breathing to lessen the symptoms associated with panic attacks and PTSD.
The treatment plan is 28 days long and involves two 17-minute sessions a day where the user is guided through breathing techniques while adjusting their inhales and exhales to keep their exhaled CO2 in the normal zone. Treatment is completed at home, and includes individualized virtual coaching from a trained specialist.
For patients that completed the program, 68% were in remission one-year post-treatment and 91% had significant symptom reduction as long as one year after treatment, according to a study that evaluated Freespira at Alleghany Health Network in Pittsburgh.
“People learn to spot when their breathing becomes irregular and they learn this paced breathing technique that they can deploy when they’re feeling stressed,” ~ Robert Cuyler, PhD.
The study also looked at healthcare cost savings after Freespira was used among Highmark Health’s members and found a 35% reduction in any-reason medical costs, a 68% decrease in pharmaceutical costs and a 65% reduction in emergency department costs for the year after treatment.

Robert N. Cuyler, PhD, is the Chief Clinical Officer of Freespira, Inc., which offers Freespira, an innovative intervention for the treatment of panic disorder, panic attack and PTSD. With more than 15 years activity in behavioral health telemedicine, he previously served as Chief Executive Officer of JSA Health Telepsychiatry as well as Clinical Advisor to MDLive/Breakthrough Behavioral and BrainCheck. His telemedicine activities have included implementation, reimbursement policy, practitioner training, technology choice, and business development. He is an author and presenter on telemedicine and technological innovations in behavioral health.