October 6, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Thrive Therapy Space
3910 Caughey Rd #120, Erie, PA 16506

Join us as Dr. Penelope Orr introduces art therapy to help mental health professionals practice self-care to better help their clients.

Art therapy is an evidence-based practice and many studies have proven that artistic expression can be a powerful means of personal transformation, leading to emotional and spiritual healing. The safe space created in art therapy provides a nurturing environment for the individual or group to gain insights and make sense of their life experiences.

During the Dive and Thrive, Dr. Orr will be focusing on one session of a self-care community workshop that she will also be presenting starting October 16th at 6pm for 6 weeks. The work shop will be done over zoom and is open to any adults in the community. The cost of the workshop will be $15/session or $80 for all 6. She will also offer this workshop again starting January 15th.

Details on the workshop: This workshop was designed for use by community members and organizations who need more self-care due to the stressors of COVID-19. This workshop will help participants to understand their emotional needs, explore ways of emotional expression and coping, to identify self-care strategies, and finally to cultivate a sense of gratitude and hope toward an improved wellbeing.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:
– Demonstrate a basic understanding of mental well-being concepts
– Demonstrate the capacity to identify, accept and regulate emotions which have a blocking effect (acute stress, fear, depression, feelings of helplessness…)
– Identify 3 healthy coping strategies for reducing stress and/or anxiety
– Demonstrate at least 2 healthy methods for working through grief and loss
– Demonstrate increase in mood due to the workshop interventions

Session 1: Who am I and Safe place
Session 2. Self-Care Wheel
Session 3. Clearing the space
Session 4: Emotions in my Body
Session 5. Power, Empowerment and Powerlessness
Session 6. Healing the Healer

To Bring: We will be focusing #6 with our group. Participants should have on hand some paper, color drawing materials or collage materials…depending on what they have available and what they prefer.

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*Zoom link will be emailed out prior to the event