Introducing Thrive Therapy Space – A Coworking Space for Mental Health Professionals

I’ve been working steadily on this concept, a coworking space designed specifically  for therapists! I’ll be sending out this bi-weekly email to let you know what’s happening. This is what I’ve been up to:

  • Creating community—The most important thing moving forward! I have met individually with 15 therapists and will meet with more. In April, I’ll start to host informal gatherings where therapists can meet me & each other as well as ask questions & convey their ideas.
  • Scouting a location—The current front runner is: downtown on State St. The old Erie Book Store is in 2nd place, but, sadly, the space is just too big.
  • Checking my numbers—Finding professionals who can look over my projections and help me get this right!
  • Researching other coworking spaces—I love these spaces: BoulderHealingHub.com and SomaVida.net   They are larger than Thrive will be, but they have the feel we want!! Thrive will have 5 or 6 offices, a waiting room, and a Therapist Community Room. No current plans for a yoga studio or to include other (non psychotherapist) healing professionals, but who knows what will happen in the future!
  • A 9-Week business class—Called Co.Starters. The class just ended last Monday and it was VERY worthwhile. I know more about starting a business and I have many more connections with professionals who can help.
  • Social media—Our domain name is ThriveTherapySpace.com (no website, yet) and we sent this email out via our new email address.

What I’ll focus on next:

  • Building community— Meet me and other interested therapists at Radius CoWork! Mark your calendar for Friday April 12th – 5pm to 7pm and/or Saturday April 27th – 10am to 12pm. Details to follow!
  • Developing a survey—to send to YOU and to other psychotherapists in the area. I want to know your ideas and run my ideas by you. Also, I’ll want your feedback on location, pricing tiers and more.
  • Checking with insurance companies—We’ll need to know if there’s  a maximum number of therapists per location or zip code. Some therapists have expressed concerns about this.
  • Website—Build a basic website ASAP.

You can help by forwarding this to your therapist friends!

I’m honored to be sharing this journey with you and excited at how Thrive is going to take shape over the coming months. I will keep you updated on my progress and if you have any questions or suggestions at any time, please get in touch!

Remember to heal, grow and thrive.

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