It’s Our One Year Anniversary!

It’s been a whirlwind few months here at Thrive – learning to work through COVID, adjusting our policies and still growing! Today is our One Year Anniversary, the perfect time to update you on where we are!

  • Our 1 Year Anniversary – This is such a big milestone! We made it to 1 year even though a pandemic struck! To celebrate this happy occasion, we are hosting a small outdoor party with Thrive members and their families. As much as we would like to invite you all, safety is our priority. But we do hope to see you at our 2 year anniversary!
  • TeleHealth May be a Permanent Way of Therapy – Though some therapists saw a few clients via telehealth before COVID, now all therapists are seeing a large portion of our clients virtually. Will we ever go back to 100% in person? Let’s hope not! The flexibility of virtual can help more people access therapy!
  • Growing Members – We have 25 members! We recently gained one member and lost one–our first member to leave. She retired from counseling and though we are thrilled for her, we’re sad to see her go! 
  • Dive & Thrives are Back – After a few months of adjusting to life during the pandemic, we are back to hosting monthly events on varied topics. Therapists can participate in person or via Zoom. Here’s our calendar.
  • Cotivation/Accountability Group – We are in the middle of a 6-week “Cotivation” (coworking + motivation) group with 8 of our members. We meet weekly for a 2-hour “work sprint” where each participant works hard on their own project. The idea is to keep each other motivated, productive, and accountable! The other benefit is creating community. It has been great to see the offers of help, swapping of phone numbers, and words of encouragement!
  • Thrive Summertime Special – We just ran a special encouraging therapists with an existing private practice to move their practice to Thrive. Though we got some interest, moving a practice is a big endeavor due to the difficulty of changing locations with insurance companies: it can take months! We are having more success in helping members launch their private practice (below.)
  • Launch Your Private Practice! – Frequently, therapists work at agencies and would love to launch a private practice on the side but they are overwhelmed by all of the steps involved in starting a business. This is where Thrive helps! By providing information, collaboration, and accountability groups, our members are fast tracking the creation of their private practice.

What we are focused on moving forward:

  • Creating a Supervision Program – Locally there is a shortage of therapists who are willing to supervise entry-level clinicians as they work the 3,000 hours required for licensure. This creates a bottle neck and prevents having more licensed clinicians available to the Erie community. Thrive wants to help! We have formed a committee charged with creating a Supervision Program. This will be a win for the community and a win for the experienced clinicians who have wanted to provide supervision but didn’t know how to get their name out into the community. 
  • Creating a Launch Your Private Practice Program – We launched the ‘Cotivation/Accountability’ groups (described above) to help members create their private practice in a supportive environment. We’ve learned a lot about their needs and are now creating a program that will help both Thrive members and others in the community to launch a private practice!

We cannot express enough how much your interest in Thrive (and the wonderful community of therapists we have built) means to us!

This is our tenth Thrive update email – if you have missed out on the previous emails, find them HERE!

If you have any questions, or would like to get more information about Thrive, please email us at ThriveTherapySpace@gmail.com and we will be happy to get back to you.

Remember to Heal, Grow, and Thrive!

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