We Have a Location for Thrive!

THANKS for your interest in Thrive Therapy Space! GREAT NEWS! We’re planning to open for business on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019!!

We’ve accomplished so much since our last update:

  • Location – WE HAVE A LOCATION! We are pleased to announce that we signed a lease and will be located in the beautiful Forest Hills Commons at 3910 Caughey Rd, Suite 120, near McDowell High School. We’re thrilled to have a landlord who is startup-friendly and very supportive.
  • Founding Members – We have a great group of founding members established and are so thankful for their support at the beginning of this venture. We still have room for additional Founding Members!
  • Logo – Gannon’s SBDC created our amazing logo! We’re so pleased! (Have a look at the top of this email!)
Happening Now and Happening Soon:
  • Friday June 19th–Founding Members Gathering – Founding Members will meet at our new location on Friday, July 19th from 4:00pm to 6:30pm to meet other founding members, tour the space, and brainstorm our mission statement! (3910 Caughey Rd, Suite 120) 
  • Also Friday June 19th–Meet the Founding Members – Calling all therapists who are considering joining Thrive. Come take a look! And meet the Founding Members who have already made their decision. Join us on Friday, July 19th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Thrive. (3910 Caughey Rd, Suite 120)
  • Founding Members – There’s still space for more Founding Members. Tell your therapist friends about Thrive!
  • Crowdfunding Effort – Still in the planning stages, we hope to raise money to help us furnish Thrive without creating debt!! And you are on our list! We hope you’ll help us purchase a chair or a shelf or a soothing decoration.
  • Furnishing Thrive – We’re trying to keep our startup costs low! Therapists and Friends are donating furniture, and we’ll head to Ikea soon. Plus, some of us are having FUN decorating!!
  • Behind the Scenes – Researching and writing a member contract, code of conduct, anti harassment policy. Researching coworking space software and much more! (not quite as fun as the decorating. . .)
  • Construction – Thankfully, the space just needs minor construction and the work has begun.
  • Website – The Gannon SBDC is designing a new website! We hope to have it completed and ready to launch soon!
  • Work Sprint – Therapists please join us on August 9th – National Coworking Day! – from 3:00pm to 5:00pm for a work sprint at Thrive! (3910 Caughey Rd, Suite 120)
  • Members Party – August 16th: We’ll gather Thrive’s founding members again, share food and drink, and continue building Thrive’s community. Of course we will welcome other interested therapists. More information to follow.
  • Opening Day – Thrive will open its doors for our first day of business after Labor Day on Tuesday, September 3rd! Until then, we are working hard to get the offices painted, furnished and decorated to be a welcoming space for all!

Are you moved to help? If so, please:

  • forward this update to any therapist you know
  • tell everyone about how cool Thrive Therapy Space is!

Thank you for taking an interest in Thrive Therapy Space and the wonderful community of therapists we are building.

This is our fifth Thrive update – if you have missed out on the previous updates, find them HERE!

If you have any questions, or would like to get more information about Thrive, please get in touch with Penny at ThriveTherapySpace@gmail.com.

Remember to Heal, Grow, and Thrive!

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