Building the Thrive Community with our Founding Members

Welcome to our 4th Update! We’ve been very busy! Here’s what we’ve done in the past few weeks:

  • Survey Results – Over 40 responses to the survey we sent out! Responses were from psychologists, as well as LMFTs, LPCs, LCSWs, and LSWs. 100% feel Erie would benefit by having a more developed community of therapists. The responses are helping us with Pricing, the Downtown vs Millcreek decision, and the favorite Lunch & Learn topics!
  • Founding Members – Several therapists have verbally committed to being founding members of Thrive! We are so pleased to have their support and to be working with them, plus they get a lower rate! We have room for more Founding Members – if you are interested, please get in touch with Penny Mechley-Porter asap!
  • Location – We love the suite we found at Modern Tool! We’re pursuing quotes from architects and contractors to rebuild a portion of the space, (BUT we still have our eyes open for other suites), in case the rebuild at Modern Tool is ultimately too expensive.  

Our focus in the coming weeks:

  • Logo & Website – Coming soon: the official Thrive Therapy Space logo, a new website, and expanded social media! Thank you Gannon SBDC for your amazing work. 
  • Growing Community – PLEASE JOIN US!!!Calling all interested psychotherapists for our FINAL general information sessions at Radius Co.Work (1001 State Street, 9th floor):
    • Friday June 7th – 5pm to 7pm
    • Saturday June 8th – 10am to 12pm
  • Location Decisions – Will the Modern Tool Suite ultimately be within our budget (it requires a build-out)? Or will we end up at a different, ready-to-go suite? Stay Tuned!
  • Seeking Founding Members – We’ve had a great deal of interest from local therapists, now it’s time to change the interest into commitments! 
    • Will you become a Founding Community Member? With access to the Therapist Community Room, a GREAT community, case consultations, Lunch & Learns, discounted CEUs and more.
    • Or, possibly, a Founding Therapy Office Member?  Includes Founding Community Member benefits plus access to the Therapy Offices so you can practice at Thrive.
  • Signing LOIs – Thrive’s official “Letter of Intent” is ready to be signed by the Founding Members! These Letters of Intent are key to our planning and to any loan we apply for. 
  • Founders Day Event –Coming soon: We’ll gather a group to sign the Letters of Intent, and inaugurate each signer as a Founding Member!
  • Pursuing a Grant – We are working to finalize the Thrive Business Plan to be able to apply for the Erie Flagship Grant of $5,000 that opens on June 1st!

How you can help!

  • Potential Location – Let us know if there’s a suite we should look at: 3 to 5 offices, a waiting room, and a larger space for the Therapist Community Room (hopefully with it’s own entrance). Max of 2,000 sq ft.  
  • Share – Please forward this email to any therapists you know!
  • Discuss Thrive  – Talk about Thrive Therapy Space!!

Thank you for taking an interest in Thrive Therapy Space and the wonderful community of therapists we are building.

This is our fourth Thrive update – if you have missed out on the previous updates, find them HERE!

If you have any questions, or would like to get more information about Thrive, please get in touch with Penny at ThriveTherapySpace@gmail.com.

Remember to Heal, Grow, and Thrive!

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